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It is a nice looking Liverpool shaped pipe which is a part of the Canadian shape family. Because I have included it in most of the restorations of the estate to date I thought that I would leave it out this time. Check out some of the recent Dunhill restoration blogs that include the biographical notes about Bob. The BBB Liverpool has a taper vulcanite stem. It is a smooth finished bowl and shank that has a lot of dust and debris ground into the finish of the briar. It no longer has any remnants of the original BBB stamp on either side of the shank. It has no shape number or other stamping left on the right side. There was a thick cake in the bowl and lava overflow on the rim top. There was tobacco debris stuck on the bottom and sides of the bowl. The tapered vulcanite stem was calcified, oxidized and had tooth marks and chatter ahead of the button on both sides.

Kaywoodie Pipes – A Tribute

Smoking Collectibles Tobacco ad book lighters match pipes antique vintage old. A pprox. Size: 5. During ad campaigns most ads were produced one time only and never reproduced commercially again making them great pieces of history that reflect the products and services of the day. This is an original ad from a vintage magazine. It is not a reproduction or reprint.

that they become available. comoy pipe dating I call this change took place. Collection Index Home Pipes Kaywoodie Pipes Design Berlin Pipes Northern.

Early “President”. FOR stamping allows to date the pipe above:. The first 2 numbers 77 designate pipes style or finish. The kaywoodie 2 are the shape numbers. The numerical code may be reinforced by a letter for variants. Early Suntan. Suntan period:. Early Thorn. Thorn period:. Claude Pipes.

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I pulled this old Kaywoodie out of the refurb box a little while ago and left it on the corner of my desk for a while before starting the restoration. The pipe is a lovely Author shape, slightly chubby, with an elegant half bend. The stem is inset with the Kaywoodie black clover leaf inside a white circle on the left flank, and, surprisingly, the 3-hole stinger is intact. From what I can glean from various online sources, the 13B author shape is one of the oldest and most long-lived of the Kaywoodie shapes, in production since If anyone can clarify the dating on this pipe, please let me know.

In relatively good estate condition, the pipe nevertheless suffered from several issues.

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This is an ongoing effort to adapt information from the Collector’s Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes into Pipedia articles. Chris used source material from Robert W. Stokes, Ph. Frank Co.. Many thanks to these dedicated pipemen for their work in compiling this material. Pipesmokers who were born before have probably, at one time or another, smoked a Kaywoodie Pipe. As recently as the early ‘s, many local drugstores had extensive Kaywoodie Pipe displays.

These later Kaywoodies, however, were generally lacquered “hand-burners” that probably did more to discourage pipesmoking than any recent anti-smoking campaigns. Contrary to this perception of all Kaywoodies as “drugstore pipes”, many of the early Kaywoodie Pipes were quality briars that were available in an extensive range of shapes. In recent years, many collectors have “re-discovered” Kaywoodie Pipes.

Readily available and reliable information on Kaywoodie Pipes, however, is virtually non-existent. It is unfortunate that with the increasing popularity of pipe collecting in this country, U. In its heyday, Kaywoodie Pipes was the world’s largest consumer of briar and, contrary to popular belief, produced some extremely high quality smoking pipes, many incorporating innovative design features. This monograph is an initial attempt at documenting the Kaywoodie story.

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The Briar Patch Pipe Forum. Kaywoodie Pipes – A Tribute. Briar Patch Town Square. Reply Kaywoodie Pipes – A Tribute. Kaywoodie is an iconic American brand. Most pipers I know own at least one, and many have chosen Kaywoodie as a focus for their collections.

Posts about restored tobacco pipe written by ReserectedPipes. like to believe that this is one from the same time but before I claim it I will continue to research the dating wherever I can. Recently I won a pair of Kaywoodie Bents on eBay.

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Pipe and dating pricing kaywoodie. Early “President”. FOR stamping allows to date the pipe above. The first 2 numbers 77 designate pipes style or finish.

It became a brand of S. Kaywoodie seconds: Bentley US , Devonshire. The cloverleaf logo : the round logo black cloverleaf in white circle or white cloverleaf in black circle was first used in Up until the late 40’s this logo was used on all of the upper grades pipes. The concomitant use of the plain white cloverleaf and the disk inlaid logo continued untill the early 80’s.

After that the logo was moved to the side of the stem exceptions exist.

Help me identify this vintage pipe possibly very old KBB Kaywoodie pipe.

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Kaywoodie 4 DIGIT Drinkless CANADIAN Estate Pipe – r Previous. Next Sold Date; Source eBay Kaywoodie Drinkless Imported Briar 50B Smoking Pipe.

Kbb pipe dating I believe it has been copied. Source: Kaywoodie was an old kbb. Results 1 – i have learned so far. Flush decks and markings: bay area; location: yello-bole – dublin pipe is in northeast ohio today. Over blue book.

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